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Shape Magic was a commercial product sold in the 3D Commune store from 2002 until the site closed in 2009. It has not been available since. I've decided to provide it free to 3D enthusiasts for their use. I'm also making available for free several other programs that I wrote in the 2001-2003 time period.

Shape Magic and most of these additional programs were developed using HyperStudio 4. A copy of the free HyperStudio 4 Player is included for use with these programs. HyperStudio requires the use of Quicktime. If you do not have Quicktime, it will be installed as part of the player installation. If you do not want Quicktime on your system, you will not be able to use Shape Magic. HyperStudio and the HyperStudio logo are registered trademarks of Knowledge Adventure, Inc. copyright 2000-2001 by Knowledge Adventure, Inc. All rights reserved.

Below are brief descriptions of the various programs. Each of these has recently been updated to simplify the installation process and to correct the 3D faces so they have the right rotation direction. My very first program had the faces inverted and that carried through the remainder. You could correct the problem by inverting normals but it's much easier for the user with the updated code. So previous owners of Shape Magic are encouraged to download the new version.

Click on buttons below to start download:

Shape Magic 2.1 - includes Shape Magic 2.1, HyperStudio 4 player, Stump Maker, Shape Maker, Flag Maker and Funny Faces. For Windows - 3 mb zip file

Road Maker. Modify terrains to add cut-and-fill-roads. Does not need HyperStudio Player. Windows Only - 5.5 mb zip file.
Note for Window 7 users of Road Maker: the help file included in the zip file does not work under Windows 7 (thanks Microsoft!). Here is a link to an on-line version.

The Hyperstudio player provided is for Windows systems only. There is a Mac player available here (download either the Hyperstudio Legacy Player or the 4.5 Player) - I don't know if it works but you are encouraged to try.

As the license terms in the download file indicate, you are NOT entitled to sell, grant a security interest in, rent, lease or license Shape Magic 2 to others without the prior written consent of its author.

Models made with Shape Magic work well with: Create 3D Art for Free Bryce - The First Name in 3D Landscapes Professional 3D Figure Design & Animation

Shape Magic Programs

Example made using Stump Maker and rendered in Bryce
Tree Magic Stump Maker

Create a variety of tree stumps.

Where it all started, my first 3D program. Members of Renderosity Vue forum pointed out the variety of shapes they could make besides tree stumps. That opened my eyes to a world of possibilities.

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Examples made using Shape Maker and rendered in Bryce

Tree Magic Shape Maker

Create tree trunks, logs, glasses, flower petals and many other shapes at the touch of a button. Discover the unexpected!

This early program added a trunk and cap to the tree stumps my first program made. It too showed how many different shapes were possible. This early program is very different than Shape Magic 2 and much more limited but it makes a cross-section and a kinked tube that Shape Magic 2 does not.

Examples made using Shape Magic 2 and rendered in Bryce


Shape Magic 2.1

Create a variety of 3D models at the touch of a button! Or use the graphic controls to fine tune your designs.

A surprisingly large numbers of shapes can be made. Part of the fun is to use the randomizer button to see what pops up and use that as an inspiration for more complex 3D models or scenes.

At it's heart, it's still is a tree. Some of the internal code the user never sees still has variables named after tree parts.

Here's a list of all the changes made in Shape Magic 2.1

Examples made using Flag Maker and rendered in Bryce

Shape Magic Flag Maker

This 3D program makes waving and draped flags. There's also a dozen or so flag textures I made that are available. It was never perfected (the waving flags do not follow gravity and wind as realistically as they should and some extreme settings for the draped flags cause the cloth to penetrate itself). For these reasons, I never made this available before but it can make useful flags as the images show.

Example faces made using Funny Faces

Shape Magic Funny Faces

This is a 2D program unrelated to any of the 3D programs. I'm not sure I ever made this available to anyone. It lets you design a face by moving sliders or you can create a screen of 12 random shapes by clicking a button, locking the ones you like and then clicking the button to make more. You can also evolve faces by creating children from two parent faces that you select.

Unmodified terrain rendered in Bryce

Modified terrain with maps rendered in Bryce

Shape Magic Road Maker

This program carve roads into grayscale terrain maps for use in 3D programs like Bryce and Vue. The road will rise and fall with the terrain, with cut and fill just like a real road. After the grayscale map is modified, it can be saved and imported into your 3D program. Road Maker also creates road texture and alpha maps that can be used in 3D programs to provide a road texture that is different from the rest of the terrain.

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Shape Magic Products are designed by Rich Schafermeyer.
© Copyright 2001-2011. All rights reserved.