Tree Magic Stump Maker

... create .obj format files of tree trunks for use in Bryce, Vue, Poser and other 3D programs!


Bark Texture
Laurie from 3D Commune has made a bark texture that works particularly well with stumps. She's given me permission to offer it to Tree Magic users. Download (24 kb) the file, unzip and save to your Bryce presets folder. Then from within Bryce, open the preset menu and import the file to one of your categories.

Tree Magic was developed using Hyperstudio 4. A copy of the free Hyperstudio 4 Player is included in the zip file. Hyperstudio and the Hyperstudio logo are registered trademarks of Knowledge Adventure, Inc. Copyright 2000 by Knowledge Adventure, Inc and its licensors. All rights reserved.

Tree Magic Stump Maker
Created by Rich Schafermeyer for the 3D artist community. Copyright 2001. All rights reserved.

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