Free Models for Bryce, Daz Studio, Poser and Vue

Textures not included unless otherwise indicated.




Designs (.smg)

Can be opened in Shape Magic 2 and used to save .obj files, create a modified design, or learn how to use Shape Magic.

See notes on Saving Models for Use with DAZ Studio , UV Mapping and DAZ Studio, and Saving Models for Use with Poser.


Models (.obj)

Can be imported into 3D programs such as Bryce, Vue, Poser, Daz Studio and many others. Zip file contains UV mapped .obj format model(s). May require assembly of components.

Requires addition of your own textures.

Daz Studio (.duf)

Can be used in Daz Studio 4.6+


Bryce (.obp)

Can be used in most versions of Bryce including 7.

NEW! Flag Kit

.smg's for flag poles contained in .obj zip file -->

Flag Kit .obj's 1.2 mb

Flag models made using Shape Magic Flag Maker. Flag poles made using Shape Magic 2. Includes 12 flag textures.

Contains material zones for use in Daz Studio as well as Bryce and other 3D programs.

Added 12-10-2015


Exotic Columns Tutorial

.smg's contained in .obj zip file -->

Exotic Columns .obj's 0.3 mb

Updated 3-20-2015 for use in Daz Studio


Picture Frames Tutorial

Picture Frames .smg's 0.2 mb

Added 3-22-2015

<-- use.smg's to make .obj files  

Hexagon Picture Frame .obp 0.3 mb

Texture included for hexagon frame

Bracelet Tutorial

.smg's contained in .obj zip file -->

Bracelet .obj 0.4 mb

Updated 3-21-2015 for use in Daz Studio

Curtains Tutorial

.smg's contained in .obj zip file -->

Curtain .obj's 0.6 mb

Updated 3-20-2015 for use in Daz Studio


Curved Knife Tutorial

Curved Knife .smg's 5 kb

Added 3-21-2015

<-- use.smg's to make .obj files

Curved Knife .duf 0.3 mb

Added 2-12-2015

Curved Knife .obp 1.2 mb

Textures included

Cottage Tutorial

Cottage .smg's 6 kb

The tutorial shows how to make all the parts of the cottage, but you can also use the .smg files to create the .obj's. Assembly of the objects will still be needed.

Updated 3-25-2015

<-- use.smg's to make .obj files

Cottage .duf 1.0 mb

Textures included as shown.

Added 3-25-2015

Cottage .obp 4.4 mb

Textures included

Lamp Kit

.smg's contained in .obj zip file -->

Lamp Kit .obj's 0.9 mb

Mix and match to make a variety of lamps with this package of 29 .obj models.

Updated 12-10-2015 for use in Daz Studio


Columns Sampler Kit


Column Kit Sampler .obj's  0.3 mb

Mix and match columns, pedestals and caps.
9 .obj models

(This is a subset of the .SMG Column Kit 1 available lower on the page.)




.smg's contained in .obj zip file -->

Hourglass .obj's 0.8 mb

Includes individual parts and a complete assembly. Use .smg files to create modified designs.

Updated 3-22-2015 for use in Daz Studio



Table Set


Table Set .obj's 0.4 mb



Christmas Holiday Kit

.smg's contained in .obj zip file -->

Christmas Holiday Kit .obj's 1.8 mb 

Make your holidays sparkle with this package of 26 .obj models.

Updated 12-8-2015 for use in Daz Studio


Halloween Kit


Halloween Kit .obj's 0.5 mb

Make your holiday spooky with this pack of 13.obj models.



Woody Birdy


Woody Birdy .obp 0.9 mb

Texture included

Sail Boat


Sail Boat .obp 2.1 mb

Textures included

Thanks to Al Michels for creating and sharing this sailboat largely made with Shape Magic



Trumpet .obp 1.4 mb

Textures included

Column Kit 1 .smg's      

Column Kit 2 .smg's      

Racecar Tire

.smg's contained in .obj zip file -->

Racecar Tire .obj 20 kb

Updated 3-22-2015 for use in Daz Studio


Crystal Ball

.smg's contained in .obj zip file -->

Crystal Ball .obj 21kb

Updated 3-22-2015 for use in Daz Studio


Bird Bath

  Bird Bath .obj's 155kb    

Picture Frame

  Picture Frame .obj's 5kb    

Water Wheel

.smg's contained in .obj zip file -->

Water Wheel .obj's 26kb

Updated 3-22-2015 for use in Daz Studio


Hot Tub Tutorial

.smg's contained in .obj zip file -->

HotTub .obj's 272kb

Updated 3-22-2015 for use in Daz Studio

skeetz_pack_thumb.jpg 9.7K

Skeetz_.smg Pack

Special thanks to L. D. Skeetz for donating her pack!!

aluminations_pack_thumb.jpg 4.0K

Aluminations_.smg Pack

Special thanks to Al Michels for donating his pack!!

smg_pack08_thumb.jpg 6.8K
SMG Pack 08      
smg_pack07_thumb.jpg 6.9K SMG Pack 07      
smg_pack06_thumb.jpg 6.6K .SMG Pack 06      
smg_pack05_thumb.jpg 6.5K SMG Pack 05
smg_pack04_thumb.jpg 6.8K SMG Pack 04      
smg_pack03_thumb.jpg 6.5K SMG Pack 03      
smg_pack02_thumb.jpg 6.7K SMG Pack 02      
smg_pack01_thumb.jpg 6.9K SMG Pack 01      


Saving Models for Use with Daz Studio

Daz Studio will not correctly apply shaders unless you check the following three boxes at the bottom of the Save tab in Shape Magic: Group Names, Material Names and UV Mapped boxes. See image below.


UV Mapping and Daz Studio

Shape Magic uses cylindrical UV mapping. That works well for some models in DAZ Studio but not for others. You can change the mapping by using one of several mCasual scripts that can be downloaded from his site. They are mcjBoxUV, mcjSphericalUV, or mcjplanaruv. Follow his instruction for download and installation. Once installed, you can access the scripts by selecting the menu item Windows-Panes-Script IDE within Daz Studio.


Saving Models for Use with Poser

At the bottom of the Save tab in Shape Magic, be sure you check UV Mapped as it is required for all Poser models otherwise no textures will be mapped. Front & Back Polygons are needed for open-ended models (e.g. a hollow vase, a bracelet, etc.) otherwise Poser doesn't render the interior correctly in all render styles. Group Names is not needed if the same texture will be applied to the entire model.

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